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Greek Songs Between Smyrna and Constantinople

On 11.03.2023 – Entrance: 19.00 / Begin: 20.00
in the Trinitatiskirche, Karl-August-Platz 10625 Berlin
Online Tickets:

U12 (Ruhleben) Deutsche Oper
U7 (S+U Rathaus Spandau) Wilmersdorfer Straße
S9 (S Spandau Bhf) Charlottenburg

15,00 € normal
12,00 € reduced (pupils, students, ALG II)

This concert is dedicated to the music of the region of Asia Minor. Until 1922, this region was a crossroads between East and West and a habitat of different peoples and cultures since ancient times and until Ottoman times also heavily populated by Greeks. National aspirations, war and expulsion put an end to the peaceful coexistence of different religions and ethnicities.

The musical heritage from the coast of Asia Minor combines and reflects elements of the Balkans, Greeks, Armenians, Turks, Jews, Persians, Arabs and, last but not least, European influences, which over centuries led to this special kind of Greek musical tradition, which also gave rise to the Rempetiko music, which has been declared a World Heritage Site. To this day, the diverse music from Asia Minor is considered unique and continues to be very popular.

We are very proud of the music ensemble of selected musicians accompanying the choir with typical instruments such as oud, quanun, bouzouki, violin, bass and percussion. We, the German-Greek choir Polyphonia, are pleased to present you a colorfully created song program “between Constantinople and Smyrna”.

Conductor: Dr. Ursula Vryzaki

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