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Hommage to Mikis Theodorakis

After Mikis Theodorakis passed away on 02.09.2021 we dedicate our first concert after a long pandemic break to him. From his infinitely rich and varied musical legacy, we have put together a beautiful and varied compilation of songs that will be sung by our German-Greek choir Polyphonia under the direction of Dr. Ursula Vrysaki on May 21, 2022 in the Apostel-Paulus-Kirche. Asteris Kοutοulas will create a visual experience by projecting photos and excerpts from interviews in large format in the church.

Thalassaki mou (My little sea)

Θαλασσάκι μου Folk song of the Aegean Island, GreeceMusic: Nikolaos Talias Lyrics: Popi Papanikita Choral arrangement: Dr. Ursula Vrysaki Στίχοι Θάλασσα, θάλασσα τους θαλασσινούς, θαλασσάκι μου,μην τους θαλασσοδέρνεις, θαλασσάκι μου και φέρε το πουλάκι μου Ροδόσταμο, ροδόσταμο να γίνεσαι θαλασσάκι μουτη ρότα τους να ραίνεις θαλασσάκι μου εσύ ‘σαι το μεράκι μου Θάλασσα κι αλμυρό […]

Polyphonia 1821-2021

200 years ago started on 25th May 1821 the Greek Revolution against the Ottoman Occupation that had lasted for almost 400 years long. The Revolution resulted in the birth of the Greek State and was supported by international fight given by the large movement of Philhellenism, Big part of which were many volunteers from Germany. […]

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